Zirconia Snap-On Disc Platinum 7/8"

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  • Sold in Packs of 50 Discs, Ikohe Blue Zircon Snap-On discs are made of Zirconia abrasive and are blue in color.  Available in your choice of 3 grits, Coarse, Medium and Fine, Ikohe's brass center discs are resin bonded on to thin flexible back paper. Zirconia abrasive is long lasting and water resistant. Suitable for smoothing and polishing non-ferrous and precious metals. Blue Zircon discs are excellent for use with hard metals like platinum, titanium and stainless steel.  Maximum speed is 20,000 rpm. Use with Snap-On mandrels 110.740 or 110.741.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review