Soldering Supplies

Soldering Supplies

Soldering Supplies

  • Sparex Pickle NO.2

    Sparex Pickle NO.2

    Dry, granular, acid compound used for pickling, cleaning and removing surface oxidation and scale from copper and silver. This product is non-flammable and non-explosive. Requires heat.Weight: 12.38 OZ

    $4.00 - $9.00
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  • Stay Clean Flux 4 Oz (Harris)

    Stay Clean Flux 4 Oz (Harris)

    BrandHARRIS StandardsA-A-51145SC Container Size16 oz Flux TypeInorganic Acid Container TypeBottle Flux FormLiquid Maximum Active Temperature700 °F SeriesStay-Clean Manufacturer Part NumberSCLF16 For Material TypeBrass; Copper; Nickel; Stainless...

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      Soda Caustica (Lejia) = Hidroxido de Sodio Measures for your safety - Sodium hydroxide is very corrosive and can cause serious burns. - Must be used with hand and eye protection. - Keep out of reach of children. - Use in a ventilated...

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  • Kool Jool

    Kool Jool

    Protects stones and jewels from heat while soldering. No need to remove jewels from settings (except opals). They remain cool next to flame of torch. Rinses off in plain water. 8 oz. Jar.

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  • Vigor Heat Shield Protective Paste 1lb

    Vigor Heat Shield Protective Paste 1lb

    This heat shield is a great asset for any jeweler. It protects components under direct flames of up to 5000 Degree F (2760 Degree C). Thanks to this great protective paste, it is no longer necessary to remove a stone before soldering. It also prevents...

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  • Ceramic Ring Stand

    Ceramic Ring Stand

    Six-inch, tapered, heat-resistant, ceramic mandrel holds rings in place while you solder. Mounted on base with swivel to provide the exact position or angle desired. Equipped with a clamp which releases the rod for replacement.Weight: 28.63 OZ

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  • Tix Solder

    Tix Solder

    Hardest, soft solder on earth. Has a melting point of 275°F (135°C) and has a holding power of 4,300 PSI. Adheres to all ordinary, solderable materials. Works well with gun, iron, torch or soldering machine.No cadmium or bismuth, stays white and does not...

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    Economical, pickle pot made for basic pickling. Well insulated with a stainless steel, outer shell. Maximum temperature 150°. Comes with plastic lid to prevent the evaporation of the pickle solution, 16 oz. capacity. Ship weight 2.6lbs.Weight: 42.38...

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  • Denatured Alcohol  (Hazardous)

    Denatured Alcohol (Hazardous)

    For use in alcohol lamps, making anti-oxidizers, soldering fluxes and as a quick-drying dip tp prevent spotting of plated pieces.This item is Hazardous and can not be shipped. Only available for pick up.

    $5.00 - $29.00
  • Adjustable Soldering Bowl

    Adjustable Soldering Bowl

    Rotating Soldering Table; Non-asbestos. Grooved surface is 4 1/2" in dia. Rotates on ball bearings.Perfect for soldering small parts. Shipping Weight : 3lbs

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