Melting Dish/ Crucibles

Melting Dish/ Crucibles

Particular style of these crucibles makes it easier to melt metals with a torch.
Made of fused silica with clay bond and suited to high melting temperatures.

  • Melting Dish High Back

    Melting Dish High Back

    Quality made dish of fused silica with a clay bondBest suited for all high temperature melting of metal alloys and precious metals Small SizeDiameter : 3"Height : 2-1/2" Medium Size Diameter : 3-5/18"Height : 3-5/16 Large Size Diameter : 4-3/4"Height :...

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  • Burno Style Crucible

    Burno Style Crucible

    Burno melting crucibles have a protective heat-holding cover that makes them efficient for melting metal with a torchAn excellent choice for melting bench sweeps, and fines of gold, silver or bronzeThese crucibles are made of fused silica with a clay...

    $15.00 - $19.50
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  • Casting  Machine Crucible 20 oz

    Casting Machine Crucible 20 oz

    Casting Crucible 20oz. maximum capacity of Gold (will work with less volume). Crucible is used with centrifugal spin caster, square boat type used with centrifuge casting machines. Crucible can be used with some of the Grobet, Lucas, Kerr models and more...

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  • Graphite Crucible for Automatic Furnace W/Groove

    Graphite Crucible for Automatic Furnace W/Groove

    I KG This model has the groove in the top for the wire type crucible tongs. Size is OD of the bottom part that goes in the furnace is 1-15/16" so its designed for the furnace that has a 2" opening. It goes down into the furnace 4 1/16" from the bottom of...

    $24.00 - $44.00
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