Diamond and Moissanite Testers

Diamond and Moissanite Testers

Diamond and Moissanite Testers

  • Carbide Tipped Scriber

    Carbide Tipped Scriber

    Can be used on hard metals,glass,jewels,etc. Slim line design is comfortable to use. Hexagonal aluminium handle prevents rolling on bench.Length 5-1/4".

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  • Diamond Tipped Scriber 5-1/4"

    Diamond Tipped Scriber 5-1/4"

    Can be used on hard jewels, metals, etc. Hexagonal aluminum handle prevents rolling on bench. Length 5 1/4" (133 mm).For permanently marking glass slides, test tubes, and laboratory glassware. Sharp, selected diamond mounted in a round, clear aluminum...

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  • Diamond Tipped Scriber Pen

    Diamond Tipped Scriber Pen

    An easy to use tool to determine if a stone is a diamond. Use the fine point to make a scratch across the stone. If a streak appears, it is not a diamond. Retractable point for protection. Clips on to your pocket. May come in Gold or Silver clip.

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  • UV Micro Light Photon

    UV Micro Light Photon

    Easy-to-use momentary squeeze button: squeeze on/release offWith Covert Nose LED cover.370nM UVWater resistant caseEasy battery replacementGold-plated leads to improve the electrical contact with the battery and prevent corrosion

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    One Diamond Seller Per Order Ten Separate Sizes Ranging From 0.10ct (3mm) - 2.00ct (8.2mm) A Necessity For Every Retail Jewelry Store Handy Aide For Showing The Size Of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Makes Buying Process Much Smoother & Easier Stones...

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  • Diamond Detective

    Diamond Detective

    New Rs Mizar Diamond Detective This is a new Rs Mizar diamond tester This state of the art tester is simple but precise, giving the user a quick "yes/no" reading Housed in a high impact plastic case, it is everything one needs to test diamonds in rapid...

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  • Presidium Diamond Mate-A(PDMT-A)

    Presidium Diamond Mate-A(PDMT-A)

    The Presidium Diamond Mate Tester tests for diamonds with the signature Presidium retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during testing for more reliable results. With the industry’s thinnest probe tip size of 0...

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  • Presidium Moissanite Tester(PMT II)

    Presidium Moissanite Tester(PMT II)

    The Presidium Moissanite Tester II measures the electrical conductivity of the gemstones directly. Presidium recommends the use of the Presidium Moissanite Tester II after a positive test result for diamond is indicated on a thermal conductivity diamond...

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  • DiamondNite Tester

    DiamondNite Tester

    This is the first and only one step dual tester. This new revolutionary design is unmatched in performance and ease of use. The entire test takes only ONE second and then you know for sure if it's moissanite, other artificial diamond, or a genuine...

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  • Gemoro ULTRATester 3+ Diamond Moissanite Tester

    Gemoro ULTRATester 3+ Diamond Moissanite Tester

    Identifies, detects and separates diamond from CZ, moissanite (including the new most difficult F1 moissanite) and white sapphire Features NEW EXCLUSIVE UV-F1 MOISSANITE IDENTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY™ capable of detecting the widest range of the...

    Was: $229.00
    Now: $199.00
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  • Presidium Multi Tester III(PMUT III)

    Presidium Multi Tester III(PMUT III)

    The Presidium Multi Tester III verifies the authenticity of colorless diamonds against moissanites, cubic zirconia, and other diamond simulants. Showcasing a new ergonomic design with a rubberized anti-slip grip, PMuT III promises greater ease of...

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