Bench Tools

Bench Tools

Bench Tools, we carry Brand name Bench Tools from all around the world.

  • ARBE Magnifier Bench Lamp 110v

    ARBE Magnifier Bench Lamp 110v

    We have magnifying task lamp to incorporate the same premium high quality LED technology .The ARBE jewelers Madnifier Task Lamp now gives you better direction light ,produces less glare, and allows for precise illumination with no wasted light. 22 WATT...

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  •  Bezel Roller Pusher Style

    Bezel Roller Pusher Style

    BEZEL ROLLER for closing wire around cabachons and stonesThis tool is used for closing bezel wire around a cabachon.Directions:Using your non-dominant hand, hold cabachon inside bezel with fingers. Using your bezel roller, rock bezel back and forth along...

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  • Dapping Designer Block  3"x2"x1"

    Dapping Designer Block 3"x2"x1"

    Flat Designer Dapping Block With 22 DepressionsThis small dapping block offers 22 depressions to allow a variety of shapes to be formed. There are 8 half-cylinders on the sides of the block ranging from 3/16 to 1 and 14 half- spheres on the front and...

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    Now: $29.00
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  • Standard Jewelr's Workbench BP151 ( 35X21X36 )

    Standard Jewelr's Workbench BP151 ( 35X21X36 )

    The BP151 has 3 storage drawers, center drawer locks, 2 aluminum-lined catch trays, railing prevents items from falling off the back or sides, a center pull-out shelf and 2 pull-out armrests, hardwood bench pin, and all hardwood legs. Dimensions: 35-1/4"...

    Was: $699.00
    Now: $499.00
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  • Wooden Ring Clamp Side Nut

    Wooden Ring Clamp Side Nut

    A useful Bench Tool, this Ring Clamp with Wing Nut is designed to hold rings and other small pieces while you file and work on them. Ring Clamp w/ Parallel Leather Lined Jaw: The jaws stay parallel. 6 inch in length.

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  • Kirkland Ring Clamp/Holder

    Kirkland Ring Clamp/Holder

    Used for polishing inside and outside of rings. One end clamps from the outside for polishing and stone setting. The other end holds the ring from the inside for total circumference polishing and buffing. Heat is conducted away from the ring due to the...

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  • Kirkland External Ring Clamp

    Kirkland External Ring Clamp

    Made of cast aluminum. Holds a ring externally which allows the inside to be filed, ground, or polished. Jaws are lined with thick leather and slightly concave, so they will not scratch gold, silver or other precious metals.

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  • V-Slot Bench Pin

    V-Slot Bench Pin

    This bench pin features a v-slot for positioning metal and is ideal for sawing most sheet metal. The adjustable clamp will accommodate tables or benches up to 2 inches deep

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  • V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp (Germany)

    V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp (Germany)

    Indispensable to any workbench for sawing and working on various materials. Made of quality hardwood with a deluxe clamp, made in Germany. Clamps easily to a bench or table edge up to 1 3/4" thick.

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  • Large Bench Pins

    Large Bench Pins

    This wood bench pin is made to fit into slot in your work bench. It can be used as a support when filing, sawing, setting, or performing any other jewelry repair.

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