Saw frames and  Saw blades

Saw frames and Saw blades

Saw frames and  Saw blades

  • PIKE Sawblades # 1/0  (Swiss)

    PIKE Sawblades # 1/0 (Swiss)

    This is a new set of 144 saw blades (1 Gross). Great for cutting metals and other hard materials. Manufactured to exacting tolerances for angle, size and cut of each tooth. The unique tempering process ensures consistent flexibility, long blade life and...

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  • Ring Cutter (France)

    Ring Cutter (France)

    Ring cutter, is the original from France, to cut off and remove rings that won’t come off fingers. This is a Ring cutter that saws ring while still on or off the finger. Plier style tool, permits a firm grip on the ring...

    $15.00 - $60.00
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