Specialty Pliers

Specialty Pliers

Specialty Pliers

  • Setting Plier Curved #1

    Setting Plier Curved #1

    The #1 Conner Pliers will replace the common beading tool on a great many jobs, making them considerably easier. No longer will you need to hold items in the ring clamp and on the bench pin, or fill a fragile item with shellac. Can be used to hold stones...

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  • Ring Forming Plier

    Ring Forming Plier

    For bending rings,sizes 6 1/2 and larger,these pliers save the wrok from scratches and unsightly marring.Overall length 5 1/2.

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  • Ring Bending Plier

    Ring Bending Plier

    Form wire or flat into a smooth,uniform curve without scratching or marring the surface of the work.Overall length 5 1/2.

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  • Jewelers Cold Bend Plier

    Jewelers Cold Bend Plier

    These heavy duty pliers consistently and repeatedly from stock and wire without pinching or bending.The nylon roller makes it quicker and easier to form rings,from size 4 up to bangle bracelets without marring or scratching the surface.Overall length 5...

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  • Xuron Tapered Head FlushCutter 9200

    Xuron Tapered Head FlushCutter 9200

    Xuron cutters are made from induction-hardened tool steel. Micro-Shear® blades are precisely ground to cut accurately in very dense areas. Tapered head allows access to hard-to-reach areas. Gentle return springs and comfortable grips assure hours of use...

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    Now: $19.00
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  • Parallel Plier-Light Flat Nose''Smooth''

    Parallel Plier-Light Flat Nose''Smooth''

    Jaws open and close parallel along entire length.Handles and jaws are nickel plated.Overall length 5''. Provides a square vise-like grip. Light, flat nose, Smooth. Jaws Length: 24 mm Jaws Width: 6 mm Overall length: 5" Max Opening: 3/8"

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  • Flush Cuttter PLR-470.00

    Flush Cuttter PLR-470.00

    These ultra-flush 5 -125mm- cutters made in Europe offer the perfect answer to crafts people who need strength in a precision sidecutter. Jaws pass one another ever so slightly but do not touch and therefore do not dull as quickly as conventional cutters...

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    Now: $23.00
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  • Nylon Jaw Ring Bending Pliers

    Nylon Jaw Ring Bending Pliers

    Reshaping of ring is easy with these gently arched nylon jaws.The nylon jaws mean this plier will not scratch the bracelet.Overall length 5 1/2. These nylon-jaw forming pliers provide deeper bends in metal than are possible with traditional bending...

    $19.00 - $23.00
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  • Sidecutter-Semi-Flush(Germany)


    This 4-1/2" (115mm) series is made in Germany of the same tempered steel as our box-joint pliers. Because of manufacturing costs, the lap-joint construction offers you high quality pliers at a savings. For normal use, this series will last for years...

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