Ring Clamps

Ring Clamps

Ring Clamps

  •  Bezel Roller Pusher Style

    Bezel Roller Pusher Style

    BEZEL ROLLER for closing wire around cabachons and stonesThis tool is used for closing bezel wire around a cabachon.Directions:Using your non-dominant hand, hold cabachon inside bezel with fingers. Using your bezel roller, rock bezel back and forth along...

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  • Wooden Ring Clamp Side Nut

    Wooden Ring Clamp Side Nut

    A useful Bench Tool, this Ring Clamp with Wing Nut is designed to hold rings and other small pieces while you file and work on them. Ring Clamp w/ Parallel Leather Lined Jaw: The jaws stay parallel. 6 inch in length.

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  • Kirkland Ring Clamp/Holder

    Kirkland Ring Clamp/Holder

    Used for polishing inside and outside of rings. One end clamps from the outside for polishing and stone setting. The other end holds the ring from the inside for total circumference polishing and buffing. Heat is conducted away from the ring due to the...

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  • Kirkland External Ring Clamp

    Kirkland External Ring Clamp

    Made of cast aluminum. Holds a ring externally which allows the inside to be filed, ground, or polished. Jaws are lined with thick leather and slightly concave, so they will not scratch gold, silver or other precious metals.

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