Soldering Fluxes

Soldering Fluxes

  • TIX Flux 1/2 oz

    TIX Flux 1/2 oz

    Tix Flux:  A non corrosive flux, harmless to hands or clothing.Washes off with water even after drying. Works with any soft solder. 1/2 oz bottle. Tix Anti Flux: Prevents solder from flowing to unwanted areas. Brushes on easily.1/2 oz bottle.

    $5.50 - $10.00
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  • Hard Soldering Flux

    Hard Soldering Flux

    Self-pickling, hard-soldering flux. For hard soldering on gold, silver or platinum. Coat piece.Mostly used to coat is a mixture of boric acid and denatured alcohol.Weight: 8 OZ and 16 OzCan't be shipped. Store pick up only.

    $6.00 - $7.00
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  • Dandix Silver Solder Flux

    Dandix Silver Solder Flux

    Paste flux for use in low-temperature brazing and silver soldering. Dissolves oxides at 800°F (426.7°C) and is fluid between 1100°F and 1600°F (593.3°C and 871.1°C). Contains NO FLUORIDE.Weight: 1.5 Oz and 8 Oz.

    $8.50 - $15.00
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  • Handy Flux

    Handy Flux

    White paste flux used for hard soldering of silver, gold, platinum, copper, nickel and other nonferrous metals. Flux is critical to the brazing and soldering process because it minimizes the oxidation that may form on both the brazing filler metal and...

    $11.00 - $16.00
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