Flex shaft  Handpieces

Flex shaft Handpieces

Flex shaft Handpieces

  • Foredom  HP #30

    Foredom HP #30

    This handpiece has an adjustable key-type chuck for shanks up to 5/32". The sealed ball bearings need no lubrication. A chuck key is included. The choice where you intend to use small drills as well as small or regular burrs. Rubberized non-slip grip...

    $49.00 - $79.00
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  • Foredom #20 Handpiece "Quick Change"

    Foredom #20 Handpiece "Quick Change"

    The #20 is for exclusive use with 3/32" (2.35mm) shank burs. A lever action on the the handpiece body is all that is required to change accessories. It has a molded plastic front grip with tapered sides for easy and close handling, plus pre-lubricated...

    $49.00 - $139.00
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  • Foredom #15 Hammer Handpiece

    Foredom #15 Hammer Handpiece

    The H.15 Handpiece has hammering rather than rotary action for use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) by jewelers for stone setting and decorative work. Comes with an anvil point (HP10177). It requires periodic lubrication.Hammer has 1/32" stroke and its impact...

    $158.00 - $199.00
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  • Foredom #18 Handpiece (Quick Change)

    Foredom #18 Handpiece (Quick Change)

    The #18 is for use with only 2.35mm (3/32") shank burs. A press lever action is all that is required to change accessories. It features a very slim grip and pre-lubricated ball bearings that do not require any lubrication. 7" long, 19/32" dia., wt. 3.65...

    $199.00 - $247.00
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  • FARO #10 Handpiece "Quick Change"

    FARO #10 Handpiece "Quick Change"

    The #10 is a slender handpiece with rotating lever action that releases and closes the collet for quick and easy changes. It requires lubrication after the first 2-3 months of continuous use. For use ONLY with 2.35mm (3/32") burs.7-3/8" long, 21/32" dia...

    $199.00 - $249.00
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