An anvil is a basic tool, a block with a hard surface on which another object is struck. The block is as massive as is practical, because the higher the inertia of the anvil, the more efficiently it causes the energy of the striking tool to be transferred to the work piece.

  • Double Horn Anvil

    Double Horn Anvil

    Used for flattening and shaping. Has polished round and flat horns with a hole on top for riveting.Size 4 1/2" x 1 1/4"

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  • Anvil Hexagonal Steel Block

    Anvil Hexagonal Steel Block

    Small hexagon steel block has 15 holes in different diameters along with 5 slots along one edge for forming wire rivets. Measures 2" corner to corner and is 7/8" thick.

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  • Horn Anvil

    Horn Anvil

    This is an all purpose horn anvil made of cast steel.It has variety of uses because of its weight, Size: Length 5-1/4" x Width 1-3/4" x Hight 2-3/4"

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