• Norton Water Proof Emery Paper

    Norton Water Proof Emery Paper

    New Norton waterproof emery paper can be used wet or dry. Durable as well as flexible. Comes in from ggrit 180 through 2000. This paper will get the job done right. Fine graded abrasive papers...

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  • Hard Arkansas Bench Stones

    Hard Arkansas Bench Stones

    Natural, close-density oilstones with qualities that make them unequalled for sharpening tools such as gravers, knives, etc. Mounted in a hardwood box. Size: 4" X 2" X 1/2". Made in USA.

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  • Norton Emery Shop Rolls

    Norton Emery Shop Rolls

    Aluminum oxide, resin bonded to a cloth backingMay be used for pre-finishing all metalsSuitable for use in numerous applications: making flaps, regular or tapered cones and split mandrel

    $44.50 - $47.00
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