The Matt Line

The Matt Line

This complete collection of unique, high quality waxes and wax-working tools has become a necessity for designers, model makers and manufacturers.
Matt products mean consistent quality, continuous innovation, use of the finest materials and advanced technology.
The Matt advantages have made the Matt name synonymous with excellence.
Made in USA.

  • Matt Ring Tube Sizer

    Matt Ring Tube Sizer

    Enlarge the finger size of your wax models quickly and accurately. Hardwood mandrel is specially machined to incorporate a cutting steel blade that extends from the handle to the tip on the tapered section. Slide this tool through the hole of wax ring or...

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  • Matt Miter Box

    Matt Miter Box

    The ring tube is held firmly in position inside the box so there is no strain on your hand. With stop/lock feature for cutting several tablets of the same thickness. The fine steel sawblade allows you to to cut thru the tube with no effort, leaving a...

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  • Matt Gold Collector

    Matt Gold Collector

    Traps gold and other precious metals for easy retrieval. Provides convenient method of precious metal collection while enabling you to keep arms and hands in a natural working position. Protects your eyes and skin from dust and flying particles...

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  • Matt Shapper

    Matt Shapper

    Designed for precision filing of large pieces. Made of cast aluminum with a steel support bracket, powered by a flex shaft. The table provides ideal support when cutting large pieces such as bracelets and adjusts to allow cutting at different angles. The...

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  • Matt Mini-Lathe With Gauge

    Matt Mini-Lathe With Gauge

    The Matt Mini-lathe is a versatile hand-held tool, designed to turn rods of carving wax into bands, bezels, special settings, coin holders, chess pieces, etc. The lathe is made to be powered by a flex shaft with a #30 hand piece. The kit includes...

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  • Matt Trimmer

    Matt Trimmer

    Designed to operate with a flex shaft, the Trimmer's basic function is to cut perfectly symmetrical shanks, to shape straight or curved surfaces, as well as to cut channels. The carbide rotary file included in the kit, has been specially designed to...

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