Super Finish 1/2 Gallon Ultra Sonic

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Product Overview

These units have been designed and manufactured for the professional jeweler. We use 37KHZ
Ultrasonic wavelength transducers, which is ideal for deep cleaning jewelry. It delivers enough
power to clean all fine details of jewelry and deep frequency modulation to remove caked-on dirt, as well as rouge and other compounds found in a jewelry shop.

In addition to professional grade transducers, we’ve upgraded the weak points, often found in other ultrasonic cleaners. These upgrades include using water proof heavy duty on/off switches,
installing fiberglass in between the transducers and tank and also covering the internal circuit board to protect it against any condensation damage.

In addition to all the peace of mind our design upgrades give you, each ultrasonic cleaner is backed by Arbe Machine Mfg.,Inc with a 1 year warranty.

Model #: KUC-2Q •

Machine Size: 7” L x 7” W x 10” H • Bowl Size: 6” L x 5.5” W x 4”D

• Transducer: 50W/37KHZ (Langevin Type) •

Timer: 0-30 Min. • Heater: Auto On/Off 65 Deg. C

• Capacity: 2Qt / 1.8 Liter / .5 Gallon


(No reviews yet) Write a Review