BELIZE CVD-Diamond Tester

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Product Overview

Gemlogis Belize is the industry's first twin probe tip tester. Its patented technology combines a Thermal Probe and Optical Probe to differentiate an earth-mined, synthetic diamond, moissanite, or simulant. It is designed to test on any jewelry mounting (Either closed or open-back)

  • Product Features

    • ASSURE tested & certified

    • Patented Technology

    • Test both loose and mounted stones (Open or closed back)

    • Quick identify between Earth-Mined Diamond, Type IIa/HPHT/CVD Diamond, Simulant and Moissanite (including F1 Moissanite).

    • Connects wirelessly with Gemlogis Reference Meters (sold separately)

    • Highly compact and light device

    • Caters to both left and right hand users.

    • Product Specs



      • Testing Range: 0.02ct+

      • Color Range: Colorless to near colorless (D - J)

      • Dimensions (mm): 182 x 47 x 24

      • Weight (g): 105

      • Battery Life (Hrs): 3hrs non-stop. 720hrs standby.

      • Warranty: Factory 12 months



(No reviews yet) Write a Review