A&D HR-100A 120g/510 Carat Balance

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Product Overview

The HR-A Series of Compact Analytical Balances are fast, accurate and reliable. They feature solid construction based on the A&D Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology which has delivered consistent weighing results day-in and day-out in thousands of laboratories and production facilities worldwide. The HR-AZ models add highly reliable internal calibration. One-touch automatic calibration ensures consistent balance accuracy. The HR-A and HR-AZ meet today’s demanding needs in: Laboratory, Quality Control/QA,Production environments and deliver performance with convenience in a compact footprint.

  • Removable, shatterproof breeze break with antistatic coating
  • Compact footprint: 20x30cm / 8x12in.
  • GLP/GCP/LIMS/ISO Compliant
  • 14 weighing units and functions: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, dwt, GN, mom, tael, tola, %, pieces,density, statstical function and user-defined units.
  • Automatic internal calibration (HR-AZ models only)
  • Underhook weighing
  • Clear, reverse-backlit LCD
  • Technical Specifications:
    Capacity 102g
    Readability 0.1mg
    Pan Size Ø 90mm / 3.54"
    Minimum weighing value 0.1 mg
    Repeatability (Standard Deviation) 0.1 mg
    Linearity ±0.2 mg
    Stabilization time (when set to FAST under good environment conditions) Approx. 2 seconds (factory setting is MID, whose stabilization time is approx. 3 seconds)
    Sensitivity drift ±2 ppm/°C (10 to 30 °C/50 to 86 °F)
    Calibration External
    Operating environment 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104 °F), 85% RH or less (no condensation)
    Display refresh rate 5 times/second or 10 times/second, selectable
    Display mode (units of measure) g, mg, oz, oz-t, ct, momme, dwt, grain, tael, tola, pieces (counting mode), % (percent mode), DS (density mode), user definable functions
    Capacity vs readability (Other units of measure) 3.59 oz x 0.00001 oz
    3.27 ozt x 0.00001 ozt
    510 ct x 0.001 ct
    65.5 dwt x 0.0001 dwt
    27.2 mom x 0.0001 mom
    1574 GN x 0.002 GN
    Counting mode Minimum unit mass: 0.1 mg
    Number of samples: 10, 25, 50, or 100 pieces
    Percent mode Minimum 100% reference mass: 10.0 mg
    Minimum 100% display: 0.01%, 0.1%, or 1% (depends on the reference mass stored)
    Interface RS-232C standard (see also options below)
    Applicable calibration weight values (g) 100, 50
    External dimensions 198 (W) x 294 (D) x 315 (H) mm / 8 (W) x 12 (D) x 12.4 (H) in
    Net weight 3.5 kg / 7.8 lbs
    Power supply AC adapter
    Power consumption Approx. 11 VA (supplied by the AC adapter)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review