14K Wire Yellow/White

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Product Overview

Wires are useful for clasps, rings, cuff and bangle bracelets, jump rings, narrow-shank rings, frames for resin or mixed-media, and structure for complex designs. As you know, jewelry wire has as many uses as there are jewelers and designers who use it to achieve their vision; these suggested uses simply represent some of the more common applications of this metal weight.

This wire is packaged in coils and can be cut to any length that satisfies the system minimum. Orders must weigh at least 0.01 dwt.; if you click "Add to Cart" for a quantity less than this, the cart will offer a prompt to let you know what the minimum for this item is.

Ideal for high-end designs and for pieces that are not exposed to a great deal of daily wear and tear, high-karat gold materials are highly workable and deliver a signature deep-yellow color to designs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review